Instagram and Facebook Page Verification Service

Pm me full details let’s begin

Already written all details in post. If you need any extra specific detail then please pm me!

Sent you all verified handle details

Please send me too, want to make sure of things before we start.

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I sent a PM would like info! Thanks

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Sent you details

Sent you all details

Please send me details as well like the above requested.

@Swapd is this verified and legit?

User hasn’t performed any tickets yet, unable to tell. For safety, make sure to start a checkout ticket and don’t deal privately.

Yes I’m also telling people to go through Swapd Checkout but I can see many user still don’t know how it works. Let them know how it work please!

It’s all in here.

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This is blue check, right?

Yes it blue verification badge

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Send me handles as well please.

What is the guarantee for thus service? I’ve seen people lose their verification tick within a week of getting it…

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I have heard about people losing the verification tick as well, @isinghamit can you go into if it gets removed will payment be reimbursed?

People average life is supposed to be 60 plus but some die due to carelessly crossing road. If you don’t do fraud and spam too much, it will always be safe. We are not using any trick. Just applying through media access. There are 6 pages we verified in last 2-3 weeks and all are safe. If you need details, just pm me

This guy can talk the talk, but has nothing to show for. Banned for wasting everyone’s time, ignoring tickets, and vague sign up info.