Instagram and Facebook Verification Service - NO money upfront

Hi Guys,

Creating this thread again so its clearer!

We have contacts that can get verifiy accounts on Facebook and Instagram - you need press articles in google about you or your business or need to be well known.

We are now offering this service to all SWAPD users

The price of the service is $3k to $5k depending on which platform you need to be verified on

post below saying I have PMed you

Once you have posted PM too - if you don’t PM me I might not see the name you want

If I think we can verify you I will verify you BEFORE receiving any payment.

Happy to use SWAPD middleman (a site admin or respected member)

We also own some of the rarest names on IG -if you have a budget of $5k minimum PM me too

I dont do business with scammers so dont bother messaging me

The time it takes to get a verify varies - usually 7 to 9 working days max - sometimes longer- sometimes quicker.

Any questions let me know


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im interested.

sure -we can try - what are your pages - please send them over and i will see what we can do

Page is


I also have a UK company named Simple Natural Life Media Limited, and a domain is mine.

blue or gray verif ?

@influencer22 don’t ask people to post usernames publicly.

Everyone PM usernames don’t post here, it is against the rules.

Hey. I have a question about the service you’re offering. I would love to know if your connection is also able to enable disabled pges. Thank you.

Check your messages trying to get started!

PMed you


Any success?

yes we;ve verified many people over the years

you need press articles about you in good publications - 3 to 5 articles

Whats considered a good publication?

forbes, inc, entrepreneur etc

needs to be a public figure

Just want to clarify, this wasn’t on SWAPD. So far, this seller attempted three tickets and didn’t deliver on any of them. Hopefully, that will change. But for now, take everything he claims with a grain of salt. The only reason this listing isn’t shut down because the seller is willing to work for no money upfront.

We’re sorry, but we believe this service violates our Unique Service section rules, so we have to close this listing.

For more information on what we consider a unique service please visit the following link:

Thank you for understanding and thank you for using SWAPD.