Instagram and Facebook Verification, Username and Account Recovery Service. (Original Seller on Swapd)


haloo… is it money back guarantee?

hey - please read the thread.

I am happy to get the name BEFORE you send the money to swapd so there is no risk on your part.

Name needs to be inactive.


ok sorry sir, can i just only get verification badge with my username on instagram?

pm me - you need news articles to be verified


yes i have news articles. you can search NAME EDITED BY STAFF on google.
how can i contact you? do you have whatsap?

No off-site communication is allowed. Everything must be done via on-site PMs.

you can PM me


PM me if interested!

you need news artices about you…

Do you know someone who I can pay to publish an article about me?

no i dont sorry

Pm me if interested!

pm me if interested!!

Already managed to get one name for a client!

Let me know if interested guys!

can someone verify this service?

I just started offering it here on swa pd

but over the last year I have verified over 60 accounts and managed to get over 100 inactive names

feel free to PM me -everything is done via Swa pd escrow so you’re protected


PM me!!

Any username requests message me!!

Any username requests message me!!