Instagram and Facebook Verification. Verify any account with no press. Username and Account Recovery Service. (Original Seller on Swapd)

Hi SWAPD Users!

Thanks for viewing our approved and track proven thread! As one of the main and original sellers on SWAPD feel free to check please what I can help you with!

I’m offering our username and Instagram / Facebook verification service - please read below how it works:

I can acquire inactive usernames on Instagram - price is $4k to $8k depending on how rare the name is it - some names are extremely rare.

Our success rate is very high and we can claim generally names that are 3 letters and above.

I am willing to acquire the name before receiving payment from you if you are a well known member here.

Service also includes username changes on verified accounts - names can be different. Budget required will need to be strong.

  1. Happy to do verifications for you for $4k to $8k if you have news articles about you or a wikipedia page.

Can also verify any fresh account / username with no press if you need to save time. Strong budget required!

The timeframe for all the above is generally 1 to 3 weeks generally.

Don’t hesistate to PM me!

I also offer verifications on facebook, Tiktok, Instagram and PR services.

Thank you


Hey. Can you also enable disabled pages?

Can you PM with further information on your service? I will only be dealing with payments onsite.

Thank you

yes but depends on why the page was disabled

Can someone confirm success with this user, on verification or getting page restored?


I just started offering this service

You are welcome to order a username or verification though

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fee free to message me!

Can you reinstate a deleted page?

@Swapd any tickets closed on this offer?


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yes we can but I’m only offering a username and verification service right now

I’m interested in verification, can you provide me any proof or something? Looks like you’re new here. Thanks.

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Ive been on here a while actually but only recently started offering the service

I cant provide off site info but everything here is done via swapd escrow

you need press articles in the news or a wikipedia page for veriication - feel free to PM me


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boost thread!

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@Swapd Any tickets here? Thanks.

No, no tickets. Take this service with a grain of salt. No one yet has delivered this on SWAPD.


I can guarantee we can deliver - please read the full instructions though.



Hi there! I sent you a PM.