Instagram Blue tick Verified Followers, Likes, Comments and more… [Guaranteed & Manual Process]

@Rayman just report their comment to admins and they will remove it. Very low-life of them to do this

Anyways , GLWS :100: Amazing service .


Thank you so much @holma :raised_hands::relaxed:

And @humaira just reported his comment to Swapd.
Btw, Thank you for always being helpful to others Humaira :fire::white_heart:


Don’t trust Cheap panels they always have something you don’t know up their sleeves.
Or someone re-selling through these panels.

I’m directly connected to these profiles and would and can send unique profiles to you.
And can provide you unique accounts’ Engagement and follow.

Many resell from me including some panels plus I provide high quality Tier 1 profiles with high no. of followers Exclusive profiles only accessible through me :raised_hands: People who tried this service can vouch for me.

CLICK this for PROOFS/Screenshots👈

Safe to say, I’ll be the cheapest, safest and most reliable on here.


How long will the followers stay? $70 is pretty cheap

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That’s Gulf accounts Egypt/Moroccan etc

And wouldn’t have much followers (10k-25k range)

So $100 is for Worldwide active real public figures who are Artists, mostly in Music niche etc

$120 US/Tier 1 accounts some will have 1M-2M followers as well :sparkles::raised_hands:

(And in a bundle both come with $200 only)

And Most of them yes will stay. @Fastlane
It’s not guaranteed but I am all about after sales assistance and can do refills for some.

I have one buyer on Swapd who’s still having all of them from the last month.

The Engagement is guaranteed though (both comments and likes)

What can you do for £90?

Can send verified artists/dj/composer out your way as I can see you’re a Indie Record label owner for commenting, liking and even to follow you.
in less quantity than 10-10-10 obviously.

DMed more info about this :raised_hands: