Instagram Claim Username | No Pre-Payment Required

Hi, I’m offering Claim Service

:star2: Requirments:

  • Minimum 6L nickname
  • The account must have been inactive for 180 days
  • Can’t be banned
  • Non-Generic Username

:hourglass_flowing_sand: T.A.T: 1-14 Days

:moneybag: Price: 700$ + fees

:envelope_with_arrow: DM for info and to talk about details!


GLWS and nice banner :goat::gem:


[Ticket# 4122801] Successfully claimed IG username for me.

Pros: Claimed username as advertised, extremely responsive, very flexible and understanding.
Cons: Price on ticket was higher than advertised price, lots of back-and-forth for more info (would’ve preferred a clear set of initial requirements)

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Claimed username in 9 days :smile: