Instagram Error “Sorry, There Was A Problem” FIX (iPhone)

Hey guys, so just ran into a problem and decided to get you all a fix that I found.

So the problem was logging into an account and getting the “Sorry, There Was A Problem” red bar along the top.

The issue comes up from let’s say you had a copyright strike on an account you were logged into on your phone etc.

You are still able to login through other phones/online web but the app blocks you.

The only fix I found was a clear restore of my phone, this sucks but it works

Do a full reset erase all content, then start fresh and redownload everything. It won’t work if you restore to your backup.

This is brutal but it works so I just thought I’d let you all know in case you run into a problem like this

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thanks for the tip!
will keep it in mind

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Wow. Crazy tough fix lol, but if it works, why not? Thank you for the tutorial.


Just use parallel space or clone apps… don’t need to do all these things.

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Sorry, I should have clarified this is how to do it for iPhone

I don’t know, coz I don’t use an iPhone… Try any parallel apps available for it… it will work like a charm…

There is no comparable app on a non jail broken iPhone

Most people I know use iPhone which is why I figured I’d let people know on here to help them

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instagram++ maybe?

Only reason I always stick with android :heart_eyes:

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