Instagram & Facebook Hacked Account Recovery / 2FA Bypass Service - SWAPD Partner + MILLIONAIRE CLUB Member

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:shield: Reliable IG & FB Hacked Account Recovery / 2FA Bypass Service: Your Trustworthy Solution! :shield:

We’ve noticed the lack of solid, reliable recovery services for Instagram and Facebook accounts. As an esteemed SWAPD Partner and MILLIONAIRE CLUB member, we’re here to fill that gap. Our service stands for trust and effectiveness, ensuring your digital security with our expert recovery solutions. No more frustrations, just dependable support for your peace of mind.

:memo: Requirements for Submission: :memo:

  • Facebook/IG profile URL.
  • Date of Hack/Issue occurrence.
  • Hacked Notification Screenshot.
  • Previous and current email & phone number details.

:question: FAQs :question:

What type of accounts do you deal with?

  • We deal with all types of Instagram and Facebook accounts, without any restrictions. Whether it’s a personal profile, a public figure, or a brand account, we have the expertise to handle it.

    What if I don’t have a proof of the hack?

  • We do not assist with fake hacks. This proof helps us ensure that we’re providing assistance to genuine cases and maintaining a trustworthy service.

:calendar: Estimated Time-frame: 1-2 weeks depending on request volume.

:heavy_dollar_sign: Pricing: Very strong budget required


Vouch @Hooper helped with a Hacked Recovery for a very large IG page in HOURS! No one else was able to do this. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! :pray:

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Pleasure working with you boss!

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Sent a PM!

@Hooper helped me recover a very important large account when I was almost ready to give up. He gave me hope again and the process was very quick. I’m extremely grateful.

can you bypass 2fa?

My Facebook page was associated with a page that was created to run ads for me, and they were hacked. so because my business page was associated with it, I am banned. I need to run ads and cant. are you able to help?