Instagram follower accept limit

Is there any form or contact where we can appeal for this block?

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That’s a first for me, so I don’t know. Make a post in the Chit Chat section, someone may be able to help you.

This happened to several of my colleagues. as far as I know, you can’t do anything.

I hope someone can find a solution for this.

Is this a temporary block or permanent ?

Yep , i have posted in the chit chat section.

They introduced this a while ago to stop accounts from growing via not entirely authentic engagement; ie. shoutouts of private accounts to generate curiousity and increase follow requests

You’d have to go through and accept them manually before going public. From what I know of, you cannot “lift this block” as it isn’t really a “block.”

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Does it go away after a few days or it would stay there forever ? any clues ?

Thank you for responding.

Nearly positive it’s a permanent measure they introduced.

Moved this to general chit chat & unlisted your other topic!

This has been in there more than 3 weeks… They made to pages that often change public to private… 2 of my pages stuck with it…

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Any news about this problem?
How to fix it?

The thing is that its not really a problem. Instagram has it in place for a reason. I don’t believe theres a way around it as of now.

The problem got fixed… it is 2 months ban… all my pages got fixed …


Great, have you reverted back to Private and can accept any number of following requests?

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Yes I did and it’s back to normal

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Great, Congratulations :smiley:
I guess mine will get back to normal after completing the 2 months ban.

Keep it private…!! No matter how much accumulate u can accept it after

It accumulates 1k in a few hours if i keep it private :confused:

Do it… :laughing::laughing: Once after 2 months if u accept everything then ur page will have the best ever boost in instagram

So I should convert the profile back from business profile to personal private ?
Are you sure ? :smiley: