Instagram Generic Username Claim Service | 1L+ (ANY HANDLE) even BANNED) | Secure your generic username today! - SWAPD Partner


I am now offering generic username claims starting from 1L+ for inactive and banned handles!

:crown: A Premium Offering for Those with a Strong Budget :crown:

My service provides access to highly sought-after Instagram usernames, exclusively for individuals prepared to make a significant investment in the mid-five-figure range. Please be aware that there may be additional charges associated with transferring your username. However, I assure you that I am dedicated to facilitating a seamless and effortless transfer of the handle to your account.

:sparkles: What sets this service apart?

  • I can claim banned generic handles from 72hrs with a boasted 90% success rate.

  • I offer exclusive Transfer-Insurance for newly claimed handles you want placed onto another account. This means that if anything happens to the handle during the transfer, you’ll be fully refunded for the handle. Don’t worry, I got you!


Can you claim onto existing accounts?


What if the handle is banned?

Not an issue. But a very strong 5 figure budget is required to secure these.

What if I the handle is lost during the transfer?

I offer a Transfer-Insurance. If the handle is lost during a swap/transfer, you’ll be fully refunded .

:memo: Requirements

Send me a message with your desired generic username and a strong budget. No time wasters please.

Offering Details

:briefcase: Investment

:clock3: TAT
From 24hrs-30 Days

:credit_card: Accepted Payment Methods
USDT Preferred. Wise/Bank Wire Also Accepted.

:trophy::handshake: The Abstract Assurance
100% Guarantee Or Your Money Back!

Looking for non-generic username claims?

Click HERE to visit my non-generic listing.


Dope service! Good luck with sales

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GLWS my man :goat::goat::fire:

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Has gotten me many OGs and Non OGs​:fire::fire::fire::fire:

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GLWS boss! :fire: :fire: :fire:

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