Instagram Meme Pages Purge

Seems like Instagram is banning large meme pages without warning or reason. I know someone with a 250k sports meme page that got deleted so I’m a bit worried. So far no word on what’s going on.


I followed a few of these and noticed some had edgy content or copyrighted material.

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Instagram has been cracking down on everything recently from hacked verifieds to unlawful content to this.

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Seems like it’s just social media as a whole catering to the corporate giants who spend on their ads, since this is a massive problem when it comes to being monetized in the YouTube partner program too.


With the changes they are making they are going to start to lose a whole lot of following. Might not be a lot at once but definitely slowly.


We had this problem constantly in the Cannabis category. We would tirelessly work to build our Instagram account for a product we developed and as soon as we got above 10k it would get deleted. We never would post anything that wasn’t self created and after the second time we just gave up. Probably why you never see large accounts in that category.

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Kinda scary considering some people live off of Instagram as their full time job.

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Just looked at a few of these pages again. I know for sure some traded and exchanged OG handles. Maybe Insta is finally catching onto the original claimers or owners of these handles.

Representative from Fb confirmed it was because of promotions.

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What if you promote your own stuff?

That’s something that wasn’t made clear. Seems to have targeted the edgy meme niche, so I can’t fathom what their methodology is.

That doesn’t really add up because all influencers do paid ads.

Promotions through the platform apart from Instagram ads aren’t allowed apparently.

They should have started with Kylie then lmfao.

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Honestly a lot of misinformation going around right now. I’m not going to stand by anything until there’s some sort of official statement.

I saw the article but on some old forms, they’ve been completely remodified.

If they removed so many pages, there has to be an official statement, no? Anyone heard anything? This is just nuts.

The media is saying that they’ve deleted 33 accounts. Albeit, they were super big, but it’s just 33 accounts. Hardly a purge.

List of deleted accounts

Some of the accounts that were disabled as part of this sweep include:

  • @Finest.Inventions: 13M+ followers
  • @uniquevines: 8.3M+ followers
  • @laugh.s: 3M+ followers
  • @medicalthing: 2.6M+ followers
  • @meccha.memes: 2.1M+ followers
  • @thespedshed: 704K+ followers
  • @babebuddy: 684K+ followers
  • @darted: 578K+ followers
  • @autist: 529K+ followers
  • @femalesdoingthings: 474K+ followers
  • @spicy.mp4: 472K+ followers
  • @wokeist: 420K+ followers
  • @godsbleach: 396K+ followers
  • @dailymemes.exe: 315K+ followers
  • @hexxthegon: 300K+ followers
  • @zuwamba: 273K+ followers
  • @sourpods: 255K+ followers
  • @deepfriedlays: 194K+ followers
  • @silentmemes: 168K+ followers
  • @suucle: 115K+ followers
  • @yerdank: 105K+ followers
  • @deadv1: 96K+ followers
  • @meme_hummus: 89K+ followers
  • @hexxthegon.v2 87K+ followers
  • @nutted: 53K+ followers
  • @yore: 12K+ followers
  • @sup.david: 10K+ followers
  • @bofaballs
  • @c6ige
  • @grandpasgenitals
  • @grinder
  • @memeextraordinaire
  • @peteralagha

Facebook has this stupid “objectionable content” rule. That term is so vague that most things can be included in that clause, especially memes. Let’s not lie to ourselves, these huge meme pages stay big and active because they constantly push the edge with jokes that quite often go waaaaay beyond the norms of morality. Facebook strives to be a family-orientated business, so they will fight this with fire.

I for one love memes, but it is what it is. I am surprised to see that is still up, it’s one of my favorite Instagram accounts. Although they did lose their 4-5m fanpage a few months ago. It’s probably a matter of time.



  1. Social media can make you rich.
  2. Social media can make you broke overnight.

It’s a profitable but risky business, as you never actually own the assets you pour your work into.


They are okay with religious bigotry but not okay with memes…super classy