✦ Instagram | Meta Verification Custom Name + PFP | TaT Under 1 hour | No Prepayment Available ✦

:catincat: Dear SWAPD Users! :catincat:

Today I wanted to introduce you to my new service which is a Meta Custom Name Verification + Custom Profile Picture! :catfear:

:lock: What are the requirements?

You need to have a verification option and your display name can’t have been changed in the last 7 days. If don’t and are stuck on waitlist please refer to my other thread. I can make such account for you!

:gem: How much does it cost?

Service starts at $150+SWAPD fees. No prepayment available!

:hourglass: How long do I have to wait?

The full service itself shouldn’t take more than half a day to be completed fully.


:capybara: And that is it! Let me change some names for you happy people! :capybara:

account access required ?

Yes, although I can make you a separate account ready with your desired details. The topic is also insured!

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