Instagram Mother-Child KILLER | DEDICATED Mobile Phones | 1000s Of Followers Daily | Drive 10,000s of traffic ANYWHERE

What is this?:

➣ This is not your standard Mother-Slave service, Our Automation tools are ran on dedicated mobile devices the can do 10x the amount of actions that the normal mother-child service provides

➣ We have customize build scripts to remain fully undetected by the Instagram algorithm, allowing us to complete a TON more action daily, Due to the tool being on dedicated mobile phones with real 5G Proxies.

➣ We will create Instagram accounts with your branding and automate them to redirect traffic to your main page

➣ No Affiliation With the main account

➣ This is GREAT for creators, crypto, OF, startups, musicians, and whoever else!

➣ Our Advanced AI Interacts with 25,000+ targeted accounts DAILY

➣ You will provide us with a list of 20-30 target accounts, 5-10 Hashtags


➣ Targeted
➣ Unlimited Reach
➣ Ability to send DMS
➣ Follower and hashtag targeting
➣ NICHE Targeted
➣ Unlimited accounts available
➣ Interests targeting
➣ Analytics tracking
➣ No shadow bans
➣ Geolocation

What our past clients have promoted:

➣ Social Media
➣ Music
➣ Concert
➣ Product
➣ Brand
➣ Service
➣ Only fans
➣ Anything NEEDED!

Slave Account Example:


Case Studies:

➣ Main Account With 50 Worker BEEs

➣ Instagram AI (Main Account)

Ask me about our Instagram AI and growth campaigns!


Is this a SMM panel service?


Can the accounts also be used to mass post reels ? and redirect as in the same way to the main account ?


dm me with more info. do all the slave accounts have company branding or are they just ghost accounts with no photos?

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All the slaves will have your branding!

can you share more on pricing and details like posting schedules and such


dm price