Instagram Non-Generic Username Claims | Get your desired name today! | 14 Day TaT!

:catincat: Dear SWAPD Users! :catincat:

Today I wanted to introduce you to my new service which is Instagram Non-Generic Username Claims! :catfear:

:truck: How is it delivered?

When the claim is successful you will get an account with the desired name sent in the ticket along with all the necessary pullback information. There is no risk of the username being reverted nor taken away from you!

:gem: How much does it cost?

Service starts at $800

:hourglass: How long do I have to wait?

Depending on the case it can take up to 8 days, but is usually done faster. Each case is approached differently, based on desired username.


:capybara: Disclaimer!
The account on which the desired username is located has to be inactive!

Please donโ€™t hesitate to DM me with questions! :kittyblush:

Does this service still work?

Sadly not, non-generic claims donโ€™t seem to be working for now. Apologies for everyone whoโ€™ve messaged me regarding them.