Instagram Public Figures / Entrepreneurs / Athletes Verification [BLUE TICK]

Service type: Instagram Public Figures / Entrepreneurs / Athletes Verification (SUBMISSION ONLY)
Price: 5000 USD


For a while now, we have been helping all kind of people on Instagram to get their blue tick. After making many off-site sales, we started looking at additional platforms to offer our services. So here we are!!

How do we do it?

We have contacts on Instagram/Facebook. They help us out with getting people verified on Instagram. We will discuss the case (profile) with the contacts to get an answer to the question if the profile is eligible enough to be verified. (Our success rate lies around 92%.)
If we think that the profile is eligible enough to be verified, the customer (you) can submit the request through the profile yourself and connect us once it is done. Our contacts will search for the request and ensure that the request gets prioritized and eventually approved.


5000 USD (ex swapd fees)

Turn around time

Around 1-2 weeks but most of the requests are approved within a few days.


  • You must be an entrepreneur with a decent amount of followers
  • Some recent press articles (non bought)

Please only send us a message if you think you meet the requirements.

you haven’t mention TAT in the thread?

how about the Guaranteed Verification bundle PR + Submission

for that i have 2 Profiles ready


Reply PM pls

I have just PM’d you!

I have PM’d you !

Hi, what’s your turn around time? Do you offer a full verification bundle (press + submission)? Is it guaranteed? What’s the price and timeline for that, too?

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hey also interested do you offer and press + submission bundles

Just PM’d you

I have send you a dm! :wink:

Great gig good luck with sales I will be purchasing this in the future from you :heart:

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Awesome! Thank you so much for the support!!

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Finishing a verification request right now. We are still accepting new orders!

This sounds great. Only flaw I see is having clients submit a case themself through the app will def cause problems. Clients will not believe that there is some hook up going on behind her scenes. We know submitting in app is hard, but they don’t. I will def try this for myself. Let men know what a case needs to look like?


I have just send you a PM!

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Reply pm bro

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Just sent pm

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