Instagram seems to be broken (Reach wise)

Hi people,

All of my pages on Instagram get /5 the number of likes and reach posts are usually getting.

I get 100 likes in 10 mins instead of 500, and 300 reach instead of 3k.

that’s the average like&reach ratio on all of my pages…

It seems like Instagram is changing the reach algorithm, and it’s going to be as bad as Facebook, and sooner than we thought.

Do you guys feel it too?


It is broken from yesterday…for the past 4 months this process has been recurring in irregular order…

Yes, since yesterday to me & everyone else too!

Poor mark screwing instagram too…

yes, this is extremely frustrating. I noticed this yesterday, when none of my posts would catch up to the regular like per minute ratio

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Do you guys think it’s a bug or Facebook doing their thing and killing reach in order to get that sweet ad money?

It is reccuring from past 4 months… before it was irregular now it became common… anyhow it will be back ASAP… In few days…

My account used to get +2-3k followers daily,which it stopped and posts used to get minimum 10k likes now 3-4k and even im loosing followers rn but i think u should change ur posts i mean not ur content but just try to post better stuff and it will start to get good activity thats how im getting my activity back

So I guess no problem then?

Nope… for the past 4 months it came back after a day or few… hope the same repeats now…

I think it may be a bug, because it started since the Instagram feed changed 2 days ago ( and than ofc it changed back )

maybe it triggered something

Weird for me it seems to be going up as i started getting more followers and likes on post🙄

I spoke with too many people, you’re the first one to say his activity is higher

Maybe i dont have big pages that is why or i dont know but my reach seems to be going up only.

Though Happy New Year :grin:

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Yeah, we have opened IG tickets now too and they all say reach is down.

I think it’s because of the feed change ( which they said was a bug, LOL ) Instagram made 3 days ago.
it triggered something, it might be the reach we should expect when the feed will change, or it’s just a new thing that will be here for ever, starting from 3 days ago.

Or - it’s a bug that’ll be fixed. ( which I doubt, let’s not forget it’s facebook )

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Yes that change was the worst ever development by insta and so many people abused them that day lol within 10 minutes they changed it back.

One of my friend’s 1.8m page got doubled up its reach… Instagram has lost it cool … it is irregular only… hope it’s back soon

Happy New Year, first I’d like to point out that there’s a good chance we don’t have an accurate comparison for discussion. IG acounts that are grown using different techniques, especially techniques that we’re called out in the state report Fb released last week are now being penalized in different ways. If you’re plugging into a powerlike network on telegram or using any kind of automation on data center proxies your organic reach is now going to be capped. I’ve seen massive brand pages being taken down over the past week. Everyone seems to have short term memory loss because these same issues happened approx 1 year ago. There was a mass purge after the Cambridge scandal and public api was taken down. Engagement took a dive, then leveled out but never reached was it was previously. I have a feeling low hanging growth is gone for the unforeseen future, and pages that grew with shady tactics will drop in value along with the organic reach. As a buyer I welcome these algorithm changes because it makes it easier to sort the sound from the noise.

That can’t be correct.

Everyone I know is effected by this and not a single one of us used a shady method like u mentioned.

Everything is organic & promotions on Story

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