Instagram Service, Username claims & Unbans / CHEAPEST ON THE SITE [Click and read for more info]

[ Instagram Service, Username claims & Unbans ]

Hello everyone! :sunglasses:

Without beating around the bush I would like to show y’all my Instagram Services (username claims & unbans), probably cheapest on the SWAPD.

Feel free to PM me for full info if you interested! :raised_hands:t3:

I’ll reply you as fast as I can (within minutes, of course not when I’m sleeping) :dash:

You are protected by SWAPD’s payment service, of course if the certification does not pass, you are fully refunded! :money_with_wings:

:round_pushpin: Username Claim SERVICE: (Starting from 400$ + fees)


  • Non generic names (city, name, food etc.)
  • Inactive for at least 0.5 year (the more the better)
  • Not banned/bought account
  • 6+ letters

:anger: Deadline → 1-18 days

:round_pushpin: (Not perm) Unban SERVICE: (Starting from 375$ + fees)


  • Username of your banned account
  • Email/Phone linked to account
  • Amount of followers
  • Screenshot of the ban reason (click “learn more” if you attempting to login on your account)

:anger: Deadline → 1-15 days

  • The reason of Safety Concer badge → age under 21

See you in PM! :zap:

Hello, I am interested in offering your services in my agency.