★ Instagram Unban Service! (TOS/Sexual/Imp/Spam/Hate/Violence & more)

I’m able to unban all accounts for the following reasons:

  • TOS
  • Sexual
  • Impersonation
  • Artificial/Spam
  • Hate Speech
  • Violence
  • Self harm
    & more!

I CANNOT unban accounts that are banned permanently or for copyright.

Before proceeding, please send me the following so I can review your case:

  • Username to your banned profile.
  • Approx ban date.
  • Approx follower count of your profile.
  • Screenshot/video of the exact ban reason.

Pricing & Payment Options:

  • Starting/minimum price for all requests is: $300.
    Prices will vary depending on the case. Such as the ban reason and the size/type of account.
  • All SWAPD Fees must be covered!
  • I accept Bank Wire or any Crypto currency as payment!


  • The timeline for every request varies. Requests can take up to a few minutes to 14 days to complete. It all depends on the current backlog over at the platform.

if you have more questions regarding this service, please send me a private message!

Hello i have this case to recover

Proce and tat?

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Interested, have two accounts banned for community not perm

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Sent u a case