Instagram Unbans

Service type: I will attempt to unban your instagram account. I am currently 5/5 on this off-site.

Price: It varies, my starting price is $550 + Swapd Fees. I accept BTC & Transferwise only

Description: If you’ve been banned or deactivated I can help you retrieve your account within a few days!

Please note, I will not be helping with any form of a copyright ban, and TOS ban that isn’t appealable, sorry. :blush:

All i need is some basic information about my customer, and the account handle. If I need any more, I will let any of my customers know instantly:)

If I cannot get you unbanned, you will be refunded completely.
I am also able to do a few accounts without pre-payment to prove my legitimacy. I cannot guarantee you that your account will be unbanned

On top of that, I am currently going through a ticket now onsite. I will keep everyone updated with that.

Please PM me if you have any questions !

I had a verified account on IG with 100K, disabled in 2017. it’s so old to try ? :slight_smile:

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Currently in the ticket process of three accounts. Let’s see how this goes!



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the legend himself commented on my post, i’m blushing


I am one of his tickets. Lets rock :call_me_hand:t4:


Good luck!




how to know the reason behind the ban?

So far this user wasn’t able to deliver, three negative transaction badges received.

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Login to the account, it will show your account got disabled, click learn more


I’m the owner of many accounts on Instagram, with a total of 2mln of followers.

But 1.3mln (total) followers are banned. (380k, 400k, 230k, 300, 24k, 42k, 70k)

Can you help me?

This user has been missing for a week now, abandoned his tickets, and didn’t deliver a single unban. Removing this listing.