INSTAGRAM VERIFICATION ( Blue Tick ) - In max " 1-5 hours"

Yes you heard it right. If you are genuine, and your profile is genuine with real PR links, songs, activity, our team can get you verified in quick hours.

Categories :

  • News Media
  • Government accounts
  • Sports
  • Music
  • Fashion
  • Entertainment
  • Digital Creator/Blogger/Influencer
  • Gamer
  • Business/Brand/Organisation

Requiremets :

  • Account username
  • PR articles ( should be 6 months old or more )
  • Real PR articles , not paid.
  • Other social media network links ( Twitter, Snapchat , Facebook , TikTok etc )
  • Website
  • Wikipedia ( if possible )
  • A brief description about you.

Please note :

  • Don’t ask us any information which is already briefed here. Only come up if you interested and don’t want to waste your time and ours. " Time is Money, and Swapd is full of enthusiasts who want to just work and earn " . Thankyou!

  • Orders will be taken only on Swapd, no outer network conversations will be entertained.

  • Disclosure of our clients will never happen. Neither we’ll tell you whom we verified, neither we’ll tell anyone about you. Its a vice-versa thing and our first main policy!

> Lets get you verified my fellas <3


Check PM!

replied sir.

Sent you a pm

Dm please

lets see, sent you a DM

Just PMd you

If someone gets this done please mention in the topic


Check dm


For musicians/artist accounts with very genuine profile, 10% discount for next 48 hours on verifications for Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter.

NOTE : Buyers with fake musician profile, please stay away. :slight_smile:

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pm and do you accept entreprenuer ?

will check account and revert sir. send in PM

Hey! Trying to PM you a candidate but it wont let me, I have a former NFL football player with notable press looking to get verified

can u pm please?

Hello, I have 30 professional footballers
Instagram and Twitter accounts verified
I want 30 verifications for Snapchat
can you give process and information and how we work
I can’t send you a direct message

This guy lost my time and 50$ for Bank Wire Transfer Fee he just disappeared without any reason! :-1:

I keep on telling you mate ,
you have no trust in Swapd system and admin ( which is funny I wonder why ?)
Keeping payment while the sellers ( who is not with your money ) do the work and get paid after work is done, meaning they would have used their own hard earned money to execute your job, or might have invested sleepless nights delivering your services.
You keep boasting how you a manager and rich , pls stop.
You expect a total stranger to do the work for you, how do they know you a total stranger have their money?
I have bought services worth thousands of $ , I can tell you Swapd is safe , I wonder who in his/ her senses won’t see sense in Escrow payment system on here if they are not dodgy themselves and with questionable motives

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Been sending him messages and he is not replying also

you talk too much
How many times have you verified snapchat accounts on the forum swapd?

Answering any of your questions is a waste of time lmao .