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Are you able to get verified while being private on Instagram? Or do you have to be public and then are you able to go private after? Or does everything just need to be public 100% of the time?

Yes, this is an Instagram rule. You will receive the following message when an account is verified:

We reviewed your account and determined that it’s eligible for verification. You’ll now see a blue tick next to your username on your profile and in search results on Instagram.
Please note that verified accounts must remain public, have a profile picture and post content.

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Yes, it can be private and you won’t lose badge. I am verified myself and I have been private for over a year.

Even though IG says “must” keep it public. It’s not compulsory since I’ve experienced nothing as of yet and I’ve seen hundreds of private verified profiles.

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Interesting. I’m curious - did you get it verified while it was private? Or did you have to make it public to originally get it verified?

Originally, I had to make it public.

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This is a specific policy violation. If someone manually reports your account, the verified badge will be removed

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I really don’t know what your on about mate. I’ve seen hundreds of private verified profiles.

“Manually reporting can get you debadged”

Well, let’s just say “I tried and tested it with my account”…. Fortunately, IT DID NOT get debadged. It’s been 72+ hours since I reported my own account with an alternative.

However, my case is different and your case might also be different. That’s why for your accounts best interest, please keep it public since @onlyusernames is right. IG has specifically mentioned it as a violation but it simply doesn’t do anything even if it’s private, talking from my own experience.

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