Instagram verification

Service type: Instagram verification for brands , individuals, business owners
Price: $8k- $13k

Description: verification of accounts usually done within 5 hours to 72.
3-5 PR needed. No PR can come in too.

Press must match google knowledge panel , must match what is being done in the page.
Once price is agreed , we then set up a ticket and set it to 3 days Max delivery but most cases are verified offsite and on site within 24hrs guaranteed .

Also , ID or company documents might be requested.

Note : I might also need you to tweak a few things on the page.

Opened ticket with him. Lets see how it goes.


This seller failed a verification for me, gave two chances yet failed and with zero communication.


nice to see a negative review. Not enough of these time-wasting sellers get negative reviews - leading to more peoples time being wasted.


2 days ago i sent him a account then he told me he can do that and i said let’s open a ticket but then he stopped responding

Well, Like to have personal experience and see the outcome.

So far he is active, lets see.

hehehe he copied myno pr verification post word for word lmao


It has been 5 days ticket opened with @Jacobk510 and he wont even reply in ticket or answer PM, totally unprofessional and i see jackob online all the time😠

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3 Days and nothing delivered. Ticket already in refund status now.

Conclusion: He cant deliver, Do not waste time with him.

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