Interested in creating a new instagram page


Hi all,

I want to create a new instagram page but i want to know if there is any tool or strategy or someone that can help me grow it as fast as possible. My target is to have 500k followers by the end of 2017.

Pls let me know if someone can help in any way.



This isn’t the section for this. Moving this to chit-chat.


Not sure if you’re active on the site at all anymore, but telling you from personal experience, 500k followers by the end of this year with a brand new page is a very unrealistic goal that would most likely not happen.
If you’re looking for automation tools to help grow your Instagram account I would strongly suggest FollowLiker!


thanks for the reply. I was looking for some other tool as followliker does not bring the value we want. For sure there is an other way to do this as at least in my market we see creation of huge pages (300k-500k) in less than 3 months and they dont do it with the primitive way of following and unfollowing


Those huge pages that you see being created within 3 months (500k+ followers) are all purchasing followers or hopping onto a niche that hasn’t yet been totally oversaturated.


nope we are talking definitely about a insta jacker the same way fb jacker used to work…