Introducing SWAPD Scammer Insurance: A Game-Changer in Online Transactions

This all seems very @Goofy to me.

So @SWAPD is asking us to get scammed by sending our credit card and cvv details to someone whose name is @Brant.

Do you think I am @Alpha. I am down 4 @MeG only.

My pals @Rapunzel and @1999 can vouch for
me that I am not drunk and still offering the best IG WhatsApp Ban/Unban Services.

Quit playing games with my heart I feel @SWAPD :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:


Send me $1000 on my BTC addy rn and I will double it and send back to you #noscam

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I thought this was $99. Why was I charged $9,999.

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Good Luck…

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Why won’t anyone trust us :frowning:

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We need our well-deserved vacations too.


April fools detected :white_check_mark: thread rejected :x:

It hurts us to say that we’re shutting this new venue down before it even opened! Why? Because you all picked on us, which made us angry. This is why we can’t have nice things :frowning: I hope you’re all happy.


I think swapd has been hacked :eyes:

The funniest part is how you made this thread look so real and i almost believed you, till i remembered today is April Fool :joy: nice try


@McEvans is interested in trying out the insurance


Introducing SWAPD Travel Insurance:- A game changer for scam victims

A new service in which Swapd will reimburse your visit to a scammer’s house to take money back. Just Kidding.

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I am glad you said that! We were almost scared.

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Couldn’t you wait 1 more day to post this

No. You believed it anyway.