Invitation to Facebook Crowdtangle (Small fee!)

Service type: Platform Access
Price: 350$

Description: Hi, everyone - I am willing to sell access to my Crowdtangle account. This is the best social media analytics platform owned by Facebook. You need to work with a Facebook to setup a Crowdtangle account, but with this service you can get access for a small fee.

We invite your email to the account and you will be able to sign-in using your Facebook account.


Wasn’t crowdtangle a way to get media partner panel access a year or so ago? I read it’s no longer the case. Is this correct?

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Are u not able to get access to media partner now with this?

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no… and if that was the case I wouldn’t sell for 150$


Hello appah

I would like to know what’s the benefit of this.

I am interested on this


Check DM


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First order completed!

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Can confirm!

What is this for :thinking:? Can you dm some details? Thanks

Detail thks

Detail please :slight_smile: thx u

What does this actually enable you to do? Please send details

Would love to know the details pls

Let also know the benefits of this please

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I want to purchase please PM

Replied to everyone!

Another order completed btw!

You haven’t replied to me