Inviting someone

I’m looking to buy a unique handle but the account owner doesn’t have a Swapd account…How do I invite him onto the platform so we can do the transaction through here? @SWAPD @Jason

I do exactly the same thing for accounts I find elsewhere if ever also.

So its quiet easy, just click on your picture icon up the top right where your notifications popup and then when the drop box opens, click on your name and go to your profile page.

On your profile page the 5th tab across should be invites. that will open a new set of information and on the right hand side, it will say send an invite, where you can put in the persons email address, and viola!

If you have any further questions let me know, and if you cant find it let me know and if you pm me the email address for the person, ill be more than happy to flick the invite out myself. But you should be able to find it yourself and then earn yourself a badge that will become more important here in the future.

On my profile page, there is no Invite tab…the 5th tab for me is Badges and I can’t seem to find the ‘send an invite’ button anywhere. I’ll send you the email when I get it, it’s just it would save me some time for transactions in the future

@victorgarcia9 You are a user level 1, which means the invite feature isn’t yet available to you. We have a trust system and prevent new users from inviting new members. We do this to limit users from creating extra accounts just in case they decide to break our rules and get banned.

You need user level 2 to invite, for more information on how to do that, please visit this page: Trust Levels