Is anyone experiencing outages with SWAPD? [EDIT - Fixed]

We had reports here and there of:

  1. Notifications not working always.
  2. 502 errors:

Anyone else getting this? We won’t look into it until we get a decent amount of reports, as it may just have been server hiccups.

Over the past three days or so I constantly get 502 errors, especially when responding to PMs. Also a few notifications that haven’t came in.

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I don’t receive notification regularly.
I have to check recent messages myself to see if I had any response or not.

I have no problems yet…

Alright, with Alpha that’s three confirmed cases.

Our server admins confirmed there is a small problem, but they don’t know what’s causing it and it’s a tiny problem, only around 10 errors a day. We will monitor this and try to catch the culprit. Would love updates from the people affected (time/description of behavior, when it happens to you). Thanks!

We also have another problem, notifications randomly don’t appear for whatever reason.

Lol, really i still have no errors and I’m getting all notifications…

Yeah we know, that’s why it’s so hard to pinpoint this problem :frowning: It’s totally at random.

As a proof, just now got notification…

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We found the culprit (wasn’t easy). Some tickets will NOT receive notifications until the problem is fixed. Whoever has open tickets will manually have to check their inbox, sorry!

Yes when i was signed up for swapd it was okay but now not getting notifications i have to check inbox to see if i get msgs

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Thank you for letting us know. Our developer is on it, a fix should be in place tomorrow.

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FYI. All fixed last week (forgot to update)