It's official! We've had our first successful Instagram verification

We’re so excited about this because in our two-year lifespan, not a single member was able to deliver. Well, today user @gxs179 completed a successful Instagram verification.

You can check out his sales topic here:

Now don’t get too excited, not everyone will qualify. But, if you’re interested in getting verified, reach out to @gxs179. He also does things like inactive username claims.

That is all!



Can I see the account that got verified? I’m curious now :grin:

Sure, here it is: LOL Nope.


Thanks a lot!

Here’s my thread: Instagram Usernames and Verifications

Feel free to PM me with any questions about any of my services!

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What’s the success rate with people who have ordered it?

1/1 ?

Currently, yes.

The seller won’t take you on unless he is 90% sure this can get done, not everyone will qualify.