JustAnother IG One Stop Solution for Artists, Musician and other under entertainment category. Verifications/ Username claims/ Hacked Account Recoveries

IG Services Verifications/ Hacked Account Recoveries/ Username claims for Musicians/Creators/Entertainment Figures

Hello Swapd,

This is JustAnother IG service by Tanzanya. I will be able to submit majorly for clients under creators and entertainment category:

All details regarding each service is mentioned below:

  1. Instagram verifications: Can do submissions only and takes about 7-10 days.

a. Musicians – starting from $1550.
b. Creators and other artists – starting $1850.
c. Brand and businesses – starting $2500.

Only reach out when you have top tier press.

  1. Hacked Account Recoveries: takes about 3-7 days

Price: Starting from $1500 plus fees . Details I need:

  • The URL of the hacked account:
  • The Date of the hack:
  • The email or phone number associated with the account prior to the hack:
  • The proof of hack: Eg: Email/Phone or Password change/ Suspicious activity
  • Fresh email address that has never been used on Facebook or Instagram before and can be added to the account once account is recovered.
  • The reason why you believe the account was hacked.
  1. Username claims: takes about 24-48 hrs.

Price: Starting from $1200 depending on the username


  • 6+ letters
  • No generic names (e.g. first names, cities)
  • No bought accounts
  • Must be inactive for 1+ year

What I need:

  1. Your current @
  2. Desired @
  3. Screenshot of linked email
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Responded to all. Taking hacked account and verification cases.

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