JustAnother IG Unban Service (Only for Account Integrity and Impersonation)

JustAnother IG Unban (Account Integrity and Impersonation)

Hi Swapd!

I am starting to offer IG Unban service for accounts specifically banned for Account Integrity and Business Impersonation.

Pricing: Starting $500 for smaller accounts

TAT: 24-72 hrs max upto 7 days.

Please do not reach out without sharing the following information:

Followers count:
Date of ban:
Count of Unban attempts given so far:
Meta verified: Y/N

These types of unbans can be recovered pretty much same day. Hurry up and DM me recover your account today!

Much Love


Good luck with your service!

Thank you my G.
Completed 3 unbans in 20 mins. :fire::money_mouth_face: