Keeping your portfolio safe on SWAPD


Hello members!

Just wanted to go over a small safety tip that was inspired by one of our users (@Verdict). See, Verdict has a nice portfolio of premium usernames, the entire collection is worth a pretty penny. In order to keep them protected, Verdict only shows them to users who have been ID Verified. This is smart, because even though we try our best to keep scammers at bay, we don’t keep tabs on “lurkers” who just join and keep asking for handles. Quite a few times we’ve found out that some lurkers are actually notorious and well-known (to us) scammers, who just register here to load up on potential leads. They don’t need to interact with staff, they never buy anything, so they just fly under the radar. What they do is just message people for their URLs/properties in order to:

  1. Talk to them off-site, in hopes of conning them out of the property.
  2. Try a hostile take over, whether it’s by software or unapproved tricks (Verification scams/AdBreaks/etc.)

You would not believe how many people fall the blue tick verification scam, just the other day during a transfer one popped up, but thank god the buyer didn’t approve the request even though he didn’t know what it was. Anyway, back to the point. The point is, there are people here that don’t have your best interest in mind. I am not trying to cause panic, as scams here are rare, and most people contacting you don’t want to rob you, so no need to ask everyone for verification. However, if you believe you have very valuable properties, consider asking the user to become ID verified before you give him the URL/@handle. To see if someone is verified, click their avatar, you should see this badge:

If you don’t see it, tell the user to send a message to our @VERIFICATION bot, to begin the process.

That is all! Thank you for reading.


Must be mandatory for every member to ID verify themselves once their age on this Forum equalizes 14 days. Thanks


People won’t and will not ID verify if they don’t have business here. If you wall them with red-tape, they will just leave and not come back. If they find something they like, invest time into negotiations and what not, then they’re more willing to share their personal info.

We could just make ID verification mandatory at sign up, but I can tell you right now, signs ups would drop to zero or near zero.


Why not to offer $5-$10 one-time Bonus to anyone who ID Verify themselves within first two weeks of joining date.


Better idea! Why not 50 USD? :smiley:


100 USD if you send your ID via e-mail so we can keep it forever :wink:


We offered $5 to members just for bumping a thread on this Forum. I think it would be better to offer them for some productive move.


It wasn’t for bumping but to raise awareness :slight_smile:


Comfy is literally a role model here. Always voted runner-up member of the month after @Hussey.