L4: Google Developer Account w/ 1.000.000 credits p/d (via YouTube API)

Account type: Google Developer Account
Price: Just something you would be happy with

Description: Hey there, I am looking for a google developer account. In detail, I am looking for an account that has been created before 2017-18 and also activated the Youtube API before 2017-18, because those accounts should have a daily limit of 1.000.000 credits. Today’s accounts just have a credit limit of 10.000 per day. And to have more playroom each day, I would be happy to find someone who would hand his account out :slight_smile: It might even be possible that you have this activated but completely forgot about it so here is a short guide to check the daily limit of your account:

Go to Google Console


Select your project if you already have one, otherwise create a new one.

Hover on “ IAM & Admin ” on left side menu then select “ Quotas ” on the secondary menu as shown in the image below:

Filter API => check for the YouTube API

Here you can see “Queries per day” which might be the 1.000.000 I am looking for :stuck_out_tongue: