Let's all pray for @MeG, she is in the hospital


That’s what I thought too. It’s not like she has to walk around, she is just laying in bed all day.


Don’t let her fool you… she s here somewhere watching :joy::joy::joy:


She was probably swiping through swapd notifications while giving birth.
Congratulations @MeG :slight_smile:


Happy for u @Alpha :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:




Hello, I want to thank everyone for the nice words. We are all fine, and we have already come back home, so I will probably be back for work soon.
As you can see @swapd cannot do anything without me :sweat_smile:
Thank you once again.
PS: Congratulations @alpha.


Woot woot! She’s back! I’m going offline soon so pleeeeaseee blow her up with tickets.




CONGRATS MEG! What did you name him?




Ha Ha Ha!:joy:

You must’ve been at the hospital too then


No no. I meant it more as her dedication to the company, she named her baby like the company! :smiley:


lol I get it… I meant it like you must have had at least went to see her in the hospital :sweat_smile: if she was naming him after the company​:grin:


Congrats @MeG


I did go!


That’s amazing you guys are awesome!