Let's all pray for @MeG, she is in the hospital


… let’s pray so she comes back as soon as fricking possible because she isn’t hurt, she only had a baby boy, and we need more ADMINS !!! :smiley: Sorry for the clickbait title, but ever since @jason got pulled into a political campaign, and @shaunthomas being busy doing his own things, I am currently the only admin running things until @MeG comes back. I mean, she’s been in the hospital for the entire day, how long will she milk this “I just went into labor” card? :smiley:

Anyway, I would like to announce that starting Feb 1st, @Alpha will become our next admin (on trial basis). He will be the youngest admin on our staff. However, over the months he has shown dedication and professionalism. We hope he will pass the trial and become a regular admin.

His place as a moderator will need to be filled! We’re not taking in applications, but we ARE on a lookout. Basically, we will contact you to ask if you’re interested :slight_smile:

That is all! In meanwhile, you can all spam @MeG inbox and tell her to get back to work! (Or send her a congratulation, whatever you feel is right).


Don’t let her go to maternity leave


lol. She would have to be hired in order for that to happen :rofl:
She is here on a forced volunteer basis.



And in all seriousness, CONGRATULATIONS!!


CONGRATULATIONS :slight_smile:


Oh, look. MeG liked the post… So she has time to read the site, but no time to work? Jeesh…


All the best for @MeG and her baby boy!!! Hope she gets back soon and everything will be fine in the end!


Damn, you really did get me with that clickbait, got me nervous for a second :sob::joy:

But that’s besides the point, congratulations @MeG! You’ve got lots of love from all of us! :grin:


Congrats @Alpha :ok_hand:

Prayers sent @MeG fast recovery!


congrats @MeG


What is his name?


Congrats @MeG




Beautiful, best wishes.


Nice to know! Best wishes :smile:


Simon Cowell confirmed

Congratulations @MeG

Bright future @Alpha


Congrats @MeG we miss you already, @Swapd and @Alpha are the worst ughhhh


Congrats @Meg! Get him trained to become our new moderator!

Congrats @Alpha - We all appreciate the time, effort, and commitment.


As a father of 5… all I can say is:

They have wifi at the hospitals :stuck_out_tongue: get her a laptop and lets get her back! :joy::joy::joy::joy:

@MeG @Administrators