Listing spotlight: Want Facebook shares on the most popular Fanpages out there? If 100k in sales volume sounds good, please read this

Disclaimer: Before I get accused of pushing a listing, please know that the user I will write about (and his listing) is a VIP member. Since he is a VIP he can sell influence without a checkout ticket, so SWAPD doesn’t personally get paid for endorsing his topic.

We don’t usually promote listings, but when we see a good listing get neglected, we want to help it out by shining a spotlight on it. We’re talking about @toms listing:

This is probably the most underrated topic on SWAPD. Our member @toms is literally selling access to official Fanpages of the worlds MOST KNOWN celebrities. To protect the privacy of those properties, I can’t list them publicly. But think big. Think Michael Jordan big. That’s the type of caliber of people you can share your content on. These aren’t 500k pages, these Fanpages have 10-50m fans, each. They have the ability to reach 100,000,000 million people with a single campaign. Do you know the value of such reach?

“But I contacted @toms, the shares are just super expensive.”

We agree. This service isn’t for everyone. In fact, most SWAPD users have incompatible business models to make this worth their while. This service won’t yield you a good ROI by pushing clickbait, and that’s a fact. However, marketing doesn’t end on news stories and AdSense. There are other ways to earn, for example, with e-commerce.

Toms and his team personally generated 100,000 USD in sales each and every day utilizing this network of celeb pages.

We are working with @toms to bring you case studies (expect them soon), so you can see how you can turn viral buzz into cold-hard sales. Do you own your own product? Can you imagine the potential sales if your product was featured on a celeb owned Fanpage? How about a service? Or better yet, an app? There are plenty of ways to utilize this network to your advantage.

I hope this topic will help some users give a second glance into @toms services. Like I’ve said before, I know this isn’t for everyone. But I do know some of our members have lots of high-end projects that may need a viral push @toms service provides.


We are hoping to bring you the case study soon! We will update this topic when it’s ready.


Why would they sell posts if they are earning 100k themself per day? :stuck_out_tongue:

i know toms personally, and lets just put it this way, i’ve never seen someone with so much drive to keep being even more successful than he already is


We have lots of traffic and need to spread it out between multiple channels. Ecommerce isnt doing that good lately, but viral videos with Ad Breaks do magic. We can currently push 200k on a single channel in ad break revenues per month.
Thats just one way of earning from these shares. They are great for branding too, if you have something hot you want to show to the world - there is no better way than fans seeing celebrity saying this is the new hot thing. If your video is really viral it can get tens of millions of views after sharing it.


It’s simple. To diversify things that get shared on these pages. If you post same stuff over and over again:

  1. The fans get angry.
  2. The page owners will get angry.
  3. It draws unwanted attention from Facebook (it’s actually a policy violation to create unnatural activity).

Keeping things diversified (shares) makes things look natural.
The second reason is an additional income (obviously). So, there is nothing malicious going on here like you’re trying to imply.

And don’t confuse EARNING with VOLUME. I never said @toms earns 100K a day (although I wouldn’t be surprised). Sales volume =/= earnings.

how much are we talking about when you say “super expensive”?

I believe there is a 15K minimum order, so there is that. Please contact @toms for more info.

We removed the 15k minimum. We have a package now and shares start at 3k per share on 140M fans and you get discounts when buying more.


how much you charge for a full Share on every platform?

we currently offer only FB

so how much is the cost for the full package? i mean the one with the most influence possible

pm me

Hi Toms, please pm me specific pages you are offering. I’m a new Ecommerce Shopify site focused on my own branded children’s product, i.e. targeting moms. Thank you.

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The Best way to promote your ecommerce website on Facebook is Facebook ads.

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Do you offer any packages for wellness content for female demo? What kind of reach and engagement can we expect from a page of 140M?

If the return you’re claiming is solid then we would love to buy larger quantities. Please provide more details with links and stats.

I’d suggest sending @toms a private message!

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Thanks @Alpha will do

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