Live Streaming Service

Service type: Prepaid
Price: Regular price $999 per month

For First 100 customer price will be $599 per month


Broadcast over a live streaming platform with low latency and zero buffering.

✓ Deliver Buffer-free Streaming

     Stream to a live audience seamlessly over any bandwidth. Ensure an enjoyable streaming experience with state-of-the-art technology.

✓Reach A Variety Of Platforms

     Multiply your viewership by streaming directly to your viewers over social media platforms with advanced integration capabilities.

✓Grow Revenue With Live Video

     Be it pre-event streaming or product launches, create a customized revenue model to earn from every view.

✓Real-time Analytics

     Keep track of viewing and generate customized reports for any metric over any length of time with Google Analytics.

✓Adaptive Bit-rate Streaming

     Our technology enables buffer-free streaming for your live videos. Bandwidth issues and multi-platform streaming is smooth and hassle-free.

✓Embedded Live Streaming

     Increase interaction with subscribers by embedding links to your streams across any platform capable of being viewed over multiple devices.

Configurations for live streaming:

✓Live Streaming Setup

✓Live Streaming Server with multiple streaming Channels

✓Unlimited Streaming Bandwidth

✓2 Gbps Bandwidth Speed

✓24 X 7 Support

✓Re-stream to multiple social media and other streaming servers

✓Streaming Monetization with revenue sharing 80:20

✓Mobile Device Support – Video Player (Android/iOS)

✓Live Preview & Player Embed Code

✓Stream up-to 1080p @ 30fps

✓Free Video Player with unlimited video play and ads impressions.

✓No Extra charges like ( CDN, Server, or Player cost )

✓We look forward to a successful working relationship in the future.

Current running live streams with news publishers

Knowdio Live Tv proposal.pdf (5.3 MB)