Looking To Buy Promos In Tech/Gaming/AI/Crypto Niches

:rocket: Looking to Purchase Promotional Space on Twitter Pages! :rocket:

Hello, Twitter influencers and page owners! We are currently expanding our digital footprint and are interested in collaborating with Twitter pages that align with our vision and audience.

What We’re Looking For:


Specifically, we are targeting pages within the crypto, tech, AI, and gaming sectors. If your content revolves around these areas, we’re interested in you!


A significant portion of your followers should be based in the United States, as this is our primary market.


Active engagement from your followers. We believe in the power of genuine interaction and would love to see how your audience connects with your content.

What We Offer

We understand the value of quality promotion and are prepared to offer competitive rates for your promotional space.

Long-term Partnerships

While one-time deals are great, we’re particularly interested in building long-term relationships that benefit both parties.

If you believe your Twitter page fits this profile, please reach out! Send us a direct message with a link to your Twitter page, some insights into your audience demographics, and any previous promotional work you’ve done. Let’s make something great together!

Looking forward to hearing from some amazing Twitter talents!

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