Main Causes of Zero or Low Reach on Facebook, 0 Reach Solution

I am not claiming it is 100% correct but I will share my experience and the experience of my 40 team members.
You face 0 or low reach when you SPAM a lot or post against the community guidelines of Facebook. apart from that nothing ticks these bombs.

Solution :
Keep everything as normal as it is, and by normal I mean think of everything like as a product of yours, you spent years to make it work, will you let someone abuse it? if the answer is YES, stop reading it here, if the answer is NO, keep Reading.
Celebrities have a proper fan following and they can wait for their content and then engage with it while on other hand people who run different fan pages with almost 0 exposure to the page fans personally, they have to post regularly to keep their engagement high. and if engagement is good chances are you will earn good money out of it.

  1. it’s a necessity to post regularly but do it with gaps, to avoid such bans keep posting gap to a minimum of 1 hour, no matter what you shared on your page, post next thing ( web link, video link, or normal meme/post ) after 1 hour.
  2. Go to your page audience and check it and try your best to only post when your audience is active, avoid posting when your audience is offline.
  3. Don’t use a single account to manage your page, use different accounts for different stuff on your page, keep 1 account for 1 web links, 1 for pic posting and so one.
  4. if you see a drop in your page reach, try to change your account, what I noticed these past 4 5 months is that your page reach is not low but it’s your account which is for an unknown reason doesn’t give reach to the content you post.
  5. if you are using adsbreak and have the yellow warning of losing your monetization, Go to your page and delete videos. it Does affect your page reach so try to expire video as soon as you milk them. ( not suggested but if you can’t afford this is your best shot to do it ).
  6. avoid posting Political web links until and unless they are coming from a proper source, avoid health cringy web links and yes Adult too. Weblinks don’t hurt your fan pages but the content they have does.
    Will add to this list as I gain more experience, the best thing you can do is to avoid rumors, keep doing what you are good at and results will follow. I repeat Avoid rumors. and yes if there are any grammatical errors avoid them too.