Make Money by adding Famous Birthdays pages

Open to selling my ability to add pages sometime eventually, (as I am getting tired of doing it) to 1 person.
(or if you just want 1 page then go here)

  • DM me with bid if interested.

  • I made almost $15,000 in the last couple months adding about 3 pages each week at around $400-$500 each, so it can be a quite profitable side gig.

  • I will let the bids roll in for about 2 months and then top bid can have my ability.

  • I will create a VERY detailed video with the instructions and details needed, and I will be available for support if you have questions.

  • BTC only because the fees for everything else will get too high.


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DM me if interested


Just delivered a page to someone on Swapd, so this is verified.



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Still taking bids!

I am planning on selling in less than a month! I would like to be able to fund a personal project coming up soon and am willing to sell.

Whoever wins would have a monopoly in the market.

If anyone bids $15k I will sell it after 24 hours.

Let me clarify, my last comment was NOT setting a minimum $1k. It was an EXAMPLE. I will NOT be accepting anything under $7k, even if no one bids that by my deadline, there are plenty of other people interested everywhere. Please don’t waste my time offering low bids.

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Still accepting bids

Pm me more info

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Still looking for bids.

My project is going to be delayed a bit, so there is at least a month until I will sell, so if you are interested you can DM me bids

Still open for offers