Making the site cleaner

In an attempt to make the site cleaner to the eye I would recommended making a “Done Deal/Sold” area which threads can be placed in once they have been completed. Anything in this section won’t automatically show on the “all catagories” section, and thus making the site a little cleaner. Most of the users here don’t really care about done deals, but I agree that it is a good idea to have a referance of all done deals. But, I think a dedicated section would be beneficial for the readibility of the site.

I agree. We mainly do this to show our visitors that things do sell here. We will consider a sold category. Thank you!

I think by not removing them completely, and allowing users to search up past threads for whatever reason in a organised fashion would be the better option. SWAPD is starting to take off, and the activity alone should be enough to convince users to use the site.

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