Hi all,

Re-making this thread with more information as it seems like a lot of people asked questions and there was answers that were worth including now.

The reason for selling is, we have around 4 other content owners and this is the only one that is not in use and we do not use it for our music company and are looking to shift it as it has not been used in over a year.

The content owner has no Invite nor Content ID. However, Google has claimed they are willing to invite channels if you message them via creator support. Google has also claimed that they will re-enable invite tool once the content owner is more active.

The content owner was given to the business in 2009, we were a key player in the music industry and needed it to manage our music channels and do not require the content owner anymore.

Will make this clear, if I do not respond to your bid / offer within 12 hours there is a good chance it is either too low or their is a higher bid.