Mark Zuckerberg testifies before Congress (live)



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they should grill him much more, he deserves worse after the algorithm changes

It was a shitshow. These people grilling him didn’t have a clue what they were talking about.

-“This this thing, what is it called? The cloud!”
-“So the data goes through what? some kind of device? and then what”
-“So how does Facebook make money?”

Remember, the vast majority of the people questioning him received campagin donations from Facebook. Nothing will happen until people quit using it. It’s too much of a valuable tool for swaying public opinion, maniupulation, and it’s law enforcement wet dream come true.


Annnnnd the stock is making a record comeback. Back to normal people.

The only good thing that is on the horizon (for Europeans, at least) is the GDPR. People will actually now have access to what data these companies have, what they do with it, they will have means to opt out and/or delete it completely. +1 for Europe.


Actually I didn’t watch too much. Went to bed early last night. It bores me the first 30 mins.

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You didn’t miss anything. It’s smoke and mirrors so people think something is being done in regards to their privacy. Remember, the people who grilled him were Republicans, the ones who benefited from this scandal in the poll booths. Like I’ve said, shitshow. Regular joes would get raided, arrested, assets frozen, etc… But since Facebook is basically intertwined with the government, they only get an interview.


Well yes and no on that. The Dems under obama did exactly the same data collection and Facebook praised them. It’s how Cambridge analytica even knew how to do it. It’s only an issue because it was the trump campaign this time, 2012 was all fine with the media. The is video of FB reps praising Obama’s data scraping. Klavan or Shapiro played it the other day.

I thought only Cruz and sasse really got stuck in and stumped him pretty badly. But those two are actually good at what they do. I’ve really become a fan of ted Cruz lately, the guy is smart as hell, was a lawyer in the Supreme Court.


I’ll tel you my big concern and today only sharpened it. Is who are FB to be deciding what is and isn’t hate speech?? Then listening to him today, even he doesn’t have a clue what is and isn’t. So thing like diamond and silk being removed for being unsafe is just a vicious attack on wrong think, which is going to slant society hard in the western world, which is eventually going to lead for the need for regulation.

And then regulation is a gigantic slippery slope. I actually reckon this could easy get worse before better.


I just think, all of this shouldn’t be on FB’s back. Yeah, their only mistake is not letting people know that they are using these information to target ads. But one way or another, ad targeting on FB does the job great. I don’t even know how possibly these 80million names and cities could actually help Trump’s campagins.

After all, the political views were not included on this data.

And everything was done because users actually allowed this, they gave access to that app so they can access their information.

I think the majority just doesn’t want to accept that people on FB are dumb and can’t tell what they are actually giving access to.

And to think that people are more worried about their names, but no one is talking about Equifax hack that actually contains far more important data.

I was going to say this too. It’s a shame really. It’s all forgotten now, or it seems like it.

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What?? The political beliefs were 100% included. and the quiz even was structured to help show leanings for them.

Tat article outlines the political section was also grabbed.

Basically the whole idea is you get them to do a quiz that helps show their political leanings convertly, from the questioning just like polling questions do, then the app once identified would go out and scrape all of the data of the friends attached to that person. That’s the real problem with it, it allowed them to scrape the information of people who hadn’t used the app.

The reason you want that, is because people usually hang out with people who think or engage in the same things. I’ve no worked on 9 political campaigns as of last month and let me tell you data is everything! Measuring narrative and trends is the whole game.

I agree people are dumb and don’t protect themselves and I don’t think it’s that big of a deal, what concerns me, is 6 years ago, this was smart and cool and no issue, now it’s a huge scandal. It’s a giant double standard, and part of a huge trend with twitter, YouTube and Facebook attacking right/conservative speech and it’s a dangerous path. Last time they let people do this, they had to invent the guillotine.


Hrmmmm this is an interesting take away and something that might well get tested in court now, especially with things like the pragerU lawsuit and stuff happening.

The 300.000 handed their data with full knowledge. The other 80million, the app didnt have access to them, to their messages, beliefs etc., only their basic information that theyve chosen to show on their public profiles.

Still, not a big deal whatsoever.