Max Posts Instagram

What is the recommended max posts per day on Instagram? For those of you that run niche pages. Thanks.

Hello! it’s depend on content
I suggest you to post 2 - 3 Times per day

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Do you know if there is a negative impact on posting “TOO” much? Or is that even possible. On one of my pages I post 6 per day.

if posts are made by you then there is no any problem but I’d say that don’t use too much hashtags

The posts are automated on creator studio. Is that ok?

Yes! If you add the owner’s original name as a credit, that’s really good.

Yup! I make sure to, had to learn the hard way haha. copyright strikes

The best would be if you add your own posts with correct hashtags max 3- 5 ( Hashtags )

Good Luck!

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