Member of the Month (MOTM) for the month of Jan 2019 is: Hussey


Yes! We’re still doing the MOTM

Member of the month badge is awarded every month to a single SWAPD member chosen by an admin vote. At the end of each month, SWAPD staff picks the most notable member for this award. For the month of January, we have picked Hussey (yet again).

What are the perks of becoming a member of the month?

  • Snazzy badge for 30 days
  • Bragging rights
  • 50% off on our fees, for the entire month
  • (NEW!) - Free Premium Membership (FOR LIFE!)

Honorable mentions (runner-ups):



That would be Hussey’s third MOTM award.


Hat Trick…


@Hussey I found a vulnerability in our system! VIP users get transactions over 50K for 5% commission. Since you’re MOTM, you get it for 2.5%. BUT, if the transaction is someone you’ve invited to SWAPD, you get 2% off thanks to our rewards program. So, the SWAPD fee for you would only be 0.5% !




Due to this, we can now legally have “Fees as low as .5%” in our slogan!