Mentoring: TIKTOK Geotargeting Between Any Two Countries, even in banned countries

Service type: Mentoring
Price: $500


Tiktok is one of the most engaging social platforms of today with unpararelled reach and visibility, Its viral nature, diverse user base, and innovative advertising solutions make it the perfect platform to skyrocket brand visibility,

but the PROBLEM is, Tiktok restricts views to country of account creation, this is a big set back if an account created in country A would like to get targeted views from country B.

If you find yourself facing the challenge of targeting TikTok to specific countries like the USA or any other, and wish to overcome shadow bans to achieve higher view counts, then this mentoring program is tailored for you.

You can use this mentorship to help clients who wants business leads from the USA or ANY other country but are located in a different country.

Mentoring cost is $500

You get a detailed guide (with some videos) and a lifetime support.

PM and lets get started.

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There are so many youtube videos explaining how to do it, what distinguishes your mentorship that costs 500$ from those free methods?

The majority of methods provided on youtube or elsewhere on the internet are unreliable or incomplete. They suggest using a 4G proxy and SIM card from a specific country. However, this solution is inadequate. TikTok can still identify the user’s country, resulting in incorrect “For Your Page targeting”. Users claiming to receive traffic from the US may not have accurate targeting. The FYP should display location-specific content, but a general FYP is given, lacking precise targeting.

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