MENTORSHIP: Make Animation videos easily using AI + YouTube Ranking Method.+ Free promotion on social media

Service type: Mentorship on creating animation videos using AI
Price: $250


There is something about animation videos , they are so captivating. People can’t resist watching it.

Like this video here

This video was done by utilizing several AI tools from start to finish in a couple of hours.

If you would like to learn how to create an animation video like this then this mentorship is for you.
There are several ways you can put this skill to use and monetize it.

Mentorship will be for 3 days.

You will get a video tutorial that shows a step by step instruction on how this short animation video
Is done, with the help of AI tools.

Additionally you will get a bonus guide on Youtube video ranking strategy.
You also get a free social media promotion package as bonus

Cost of mentorship is $250.

Message to start a ticket if interested.

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