Meta Media Portal With Warranty

Based in EMEA

Comes with an SPM (Music)

Full account access provided via RDP.

Optional: You can purchase a one-month warranty. During the first two weeks, you will submit your requests to me before for vetting. I will advise on which requests to submit, and if the portal is lost within this period (one month), a replacement of a new profile will be provided.

The portal will be delivered with one request already tested to ensure it is fully operational and that there are no issues.

I’m also able to whitelist your own personal Facebook however the fees will increase significantly.

I can also provide an aged profile that has had partner support for almost a year, if you’re interested.

Price with warranty: $40,000 + swapd fees.
Price without warranty: $35,000 + swapd fees.

If you have any questions feel free to let me know.

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