(Method) Monetize a Demonetized Channel

I have found myself a method on how to Monetize a Demonetized channel by Youtube, this method is not able to get you back in the YPP, but only get you linked to a MCN. If I see potential in the channel I can help you get it linked to a MCN for a very nice revshare.

I will not to tell you how the method works but I can do it for you on your channel so it will be able to get linked to a MCN.


  • No copyrighted strikes or Community Guideline strikes
  • Your channel needs to be ‘in-review’ (basically 30 days after you get demonetized)

Depending on the size of your channel we can make a deal.

Moved to Unique Services.

Isn’t this extremely risky due to the authority an MCN has over a channel when it’s accepted?

Depends on the MCN.
Freedom you can leave anytime and I’ve never had a problem with them.

As long as the channel is playing by YouTube rules of copyright and community guidelines there are minimal risks. But then again, I would only help you get linked, if the channel is of decent size and I see future in the channel.

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