Millions of fans are being removed/deleted from Facebook Fanpages. Is this the new Facebook 2020 purge?

what are your opinions?

I personally think @RandyMarsh is horrible. And you?

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Me too

It’s not just the accounts, the page reach dropped by 70% past 3 days (stats of my pages - from 4M last 7 days to 1.5M last 7 days).
FB went full retard this month.

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Ad Breaks payments are pending and going on hold. Facebook is very late this time!

(We don’t know they will pay us or not.)

I am losing Tiktok followers on my 284k Account, its now 280k :stuck_out_tongue:
Fb bought Tiktok too ?


anybody know about this? does it affect us in fanpage?

ther’s a problem bigger then this, 2 months now and the reach of all the pages has droppen , from my side my premium page went from 5k like 5k share for the average post engagement to 500 like and 500 share , and from 500k reach in average post to 40k reach , not only me who face this but a lot of my friend , even campanies who trade with me and facebook pages admins notice this.


Same thing here. Anyone did get their adsense payment?


Funny. Funnily enough, we just got our adbreaks back after a long time. Maybe Facebook are hiring real people to examine pages instead of using automation and bots which obviously doesn’t work very well.

Does anyone starting to have problems again with Facebook Pages? Has anyone gets penalty of your pages, for a week? I have heard that Facebook Purge Pages 2020 is coming… Does anyone have any information?

Swapd TEAM, do you have any information?