Millions of fans are being removed/deleted from Facebook Fanpages. Is this the new Facebook 2020 purge?

Lost a significant amount of fans on your Facebook Fanpage? It’s not just you. From 9gag to TheLadBible, millions of fans go missing on Facebook pages. This was also reported last night but at a smaller scale, it seems things really started going crazy today and Facebook is deleting accounts en masse. Placing this in the spotlight discussions as this is newsworthy. I’ve also tried to look up the news sites, couldn’t find anything. Nothing in the FB newsroom. So, is this a temporary glitch or is Facebook doing a new purge, this time cleaning up accounts?

Originally reported by @relgohary

Hey me and my friends since last night fans on our pages are dropping by the second.
Egypt and Uk
In Egypt between 3 pages of 37M lost 6M
In Uk between 2 pages of 4M lost 700K

Just thought to ask is it only us ?

Keeping an eye on other pages such as 9Gag and Unilad and Sky News there dropping big time as well by the second…


■■■■ Facebook.

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6M/37M is quite the face slap… 1 minute silence


Facebook Market is too unpredictable tbh. Its highly risky but lot of money lies in it.

More users are confirming this: Facebook acting weird
We’re unable to use public trackers as they show last nights data, so today’s activity will be shown tomorrow.

For example, is showing a sharper decline (24,000 fans) starting last night:

This isn’t a huge drop, but we aren’t seeing the data from today so we don’t know. But it does look like the drop increased.

Edited the title until we 100% confirm this.

Also Ad-Breaks payment hasn’t been processed yet. They’re late this month.

Me and @shawn can confirm

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Looks like someone is angry at FB.

yes… correct

I think, FB starting deleted old account who not active in few years, like five or more. This is happening in Instagram.

@swapd yes it’s 100000% official i got this on all pages

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I got this today morning. Its my real profile. Anyone got their accounts disabled?

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What, THE? So the purge is real.

On 1 of my pages i lost 10k followers yesterday this is the bad side, the good side is i got back adbreaks on my another page appealed yesterday. I got it back after 10 months. Im gonna appeal on all of my pages today , who knows maybe facebook is out of control those days. I preffer you all to try this.

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the news are old. purge began last year with disable duplicate and fake accounts and also non active accounts. now they remove those accounts who liked your page from your page likes

Looks like fakes are being purged. Great news for buyers of FB pages as they’ll get a cleaner account I guess.

I ran 20-30 brands/celebs through here and looks like some have had a drop off.

Its normal - fakes get purged from time to time. Based on the percentage seen on the dozens I analyzed, this doesn’t look like anything abnormal at all. Just routine clean up. Beyonce losing only 80,000 fans from her 61m base is very neat and absolutely no reason to panic.

It’s normal for pages to have a tiny percentage of bots. Especially famous pages. As one of the first things bot farms do to make a fake account appear normal is to follow ‘general’ pages that everyone follows. That can be 9gag or LV or Beyonce and everything in between.

Any page losing a larger percentage of fans just goes to show that the page had an abnormal percentage of bots that may be purchased.


Since they’re purging accounts, watch Fanpages will be next. It’s just about the right time of the year too, last year at this time FB went crazy with the deletions that lasted for a few weeks.

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Purging fake accounts and fake followers is a good thing. I already ban and block fakes from following on a mass scale. You want real fans, not inflated numbers anyways.

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hey i survived the instagram purge good luck to facebook pages

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